The Travels of A Brother Mason

Many Trust the Gospel without Doubt, Discover Time Well Spent

No better precepts, no stronger motives, than the gospel contains, have ever been inculcated. The greatest faith in the world will ever be compared or of greater worth; and none can be conceived by man completely adapted to the necessities and nature of a sinful man, endowed with the faculty of reason and with capacities of faith.

The miracles were of such a nature as excluded the idea of artifice or delusion; they were wrought openly in the presence of multitudes; they testified the benevolence of a Savior, as well as the beauties, strengths and wisdom of the Son of God.

The Disciples of Christ could not be deceived by the influence of non-believers; for they devoted their lives to the propagation of the gospel, in opposition to every fleshly interest, and amidst continual annoyances.

How do I start the journey as a Mason... ?

  • A man desirous to become a Free Mason must of his own free will and accord, ask a brother Mason to travel the path of a Free Mason.
  • The process is very easy, you just ask a Master Mason. Alaska Masons are not allowed to ask someone to join our fraternity. It is not written anywhere; it is an ancient custom of our fraternity. You hear stories about men that wanted to become a Mason and was never asked and that is why.
  •  If you find yourself interested in not just friendship, but sacred brotherhood;
    • if you believe you need to improve yourself;
    • if you believe that charity begins with a hand up, not a hand out;
      • then absolutely knock on our doors. We will be there to answer.
  • If you are interested in character building, virtue, and morality.  Freemasonry stresses virtue, honor, personal responsibility, personal integrity, and can offer the following to its members:
    • Teachings on the history, beauties, strengths and wisdoms from the rule and guide of of a werll found strength.
    • Encouragement to live for the good of mankind, and ideas for practicing good citizenship and acting with faith, hope, and charity or a love for mankind, especially our sacred brotherhood.
    • An invitation to participate in the ancient rites of Freemasonry, including a handshake, the rituals of initiation, and freedom to use the Masonic square and compass symbol.

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Where are Masons... ?

  • Most people who think they do not know any Masons are pleasantly surprised when they find out they have a family member, coworker or friend who is a Master Mason. Masons do not operate in secrecy, we have secrets. We do not try to attract public attention by recruiting, but will promote scriptural values and morals to help good men be better in gatherings.
  • If you don't know a Master Mason you can contact or visit a local lodge, usually  in your home town. Sometimes there may be more than one lodge in your community. When this is the case, chose a lodge that meets on a night and a location that matches your time for fellowship. 
  • If unsure of when lodges in your area meet or are located, please contact the Grand Lodge of Alaska who are the authority in Alaska whose link is: Grand Lodge of Alaska
  • A man wishing to become a Free Mason must of his own free will, ask to become a Free Mason.
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Who are the founders... ?

  • Freemasonry was founded by men who shared a commitment to supporting each other in a sacred bond of friendship, fellowship and service to mankind from time immorial.
  • For thousands of years, men have found spiritual and philosophical fulfillment as brothers of the fraternity, which still stands on the values and morals from the rule and guide of our faith.
  • In order to enter the journey as a traveling man, it is necessary to meet these requirements:
    • Be a man of good report and well recommended.
    • Have a sound reputation, and be well-recommended by your peers.
    • In our sacred brotherhood, you must believe and profess your "Trust being in God," and immortality of the soul.
    • Be of lawful age and properly vouched for.
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What is the process and what can be explored... ?

  • The meaning of Masonry, however, is a subject usually left entirely unexpounded and that accordingly remains largely unrealized by its members save such few as make it their private study; the authorities of what in all other respects is an elaborately organized and admirably controlled community have hitherto made no provision for explaining and teaching the “noble science” which Masonry proclaims itself to be and was certainly designed to impart.

  • It seems taken for granted that reception into the Order will automatically be accompanied by an ability to appreciate forthwith and at its full value all that one there finds. The contrary is the case, for Masonry is a veiled and cryptic expression of the difficult science of spirit life, and the understanding of it calls for special informed guidance on the one hand, and on other a genuine and earnest desire for knowledge and no small capacity for spiritual perception on part of those seeking to be instructed; and infrequently one finds Brethren discontinuing their interest or their membership because they find that Masonry means nothing to them and that explanation or guidance is vouchsafed them.

  • Were such instruction provided, assimilated and responded to, the life of the Order would be enormously quickened and deepened and its efficiency as a means of Initiation intensified, whilst incidentally the fact would prove an added safeguard against the admission into the Order of unsuitable members which is meant not merely persons who fail to satisfy conventional qualifications, but also those who, whilst fitted in these respects, are as yet either so intellectually or spiritually unprogressed as to incapable of benefiting from Initiation in its true sense although passing formally through Initiation rites.

  • Spiritual quality rather than numbers, ability to understand the Masonic system and reduce implications into personal experience rather than perfunctory conferment of its rites, are the desiderata of the Craft to-day.

  • There are three steps or degrees in Blue Lodge Masonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Each degree or step has an initiation and obligation ceremony and then a proficiency about the initiation ceremony in the form of questions and answers recited from memory.

  • There is a time between each step or degree depending on your wanting to memorize the questions and answers. You will be provided a mentor and coach for this work.
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Alaskan Masons Rule and Guide

Why The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is given to us as the rule and guide of our faith for daily practice. From the commencement of the world we may trace the foundation of masonry in this sacred book.

It is a strength in human nature, that men are generally happier with the spiritual value prescribed by faith, then with the raw worth of intrinsic value of things obtained.

Truth is aided by an attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be a good man and true is that first lesson taught in masonry.

On this theme we contemplate and by its dictates endeavor to regulate our conduct; hence, while influenced by this principle, hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among us, sincerity and plain-dealing distinguish us, and heart and tongue join in promoting each other’s welfare and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity.


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