The Travels of A Brother Mason

A Way Towards Becoming A Brother Mason

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Alaskan Masons Rule and Guide

Why The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is given to us as the rule and guide of our faith for daily practice. From the commencement of the world we may trace the foundation of masonry in this sacred book.

It is a strength in human nature, that men are generally happier with the spiritual value prescribed by faith, then with the raw worth of intrinsic value of things obtained.

Truth is aided by an attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be a good man and true is that first lesson taught in masonry.

On this theme we contemplate and by its dictates endeavor to regulate our conduct; hence, while influenced by this principle, hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among us, sincerity and plain-dealing distinguish us, and heart and tongue join in promoting each other’s welfare and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity.


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Many Trust the Gospel without Doubt, Discover Time Well Spent

No better precepts, no stronger motives, than the gospel contains, have ever been inculcated. The greatest faith in the world will ever be compared or of greater worth; and none can be conceived by man completely adapted to the necessities and nature of a sinful man, endowed with the faculty of reason and with capacities of faith. The miracles were of such a nature as excluded the idea of artifice or delusion; they were wrought openly in the presence of multitudes; they testified the benevolence of a Savior, as well as the beauties, strengths and wisdom of the Son of God. The Disciples of Christ could not be deceived by the influence of non-believers; for they were themselves endowed with the gift of tongues and of prophesying, and with the power of working miracles they devoted their lives to the propagation of the gospel, in opposition to every fleshly interest, and amidst continual annoyances.