A Message To America

This Hope - There is a Way, Ask, Seek, and Knock to the Truth of the Rugged Cross

Your choice alone of your own free will and accord...a wise choice to life’s journey is when we have fitted our minds as living stones for that spiritual building. We can share this with others together trusting the "Brotherhood of Man," and the "Fatherhood of God." Our God the Supreme Architect of Universe, will help us in that journey to a fulfilment that comes from the dwelling of the spirit in the heart. For through our instructive tongue we may pass to the attentive ear, the secrets remembered within a faithful breast, bound in our heart, the well spring of life, the repository of spiritual knowing and sacred truth.

The Cross - A Message To America

Turn to Gods way has brother and sisters. It is dangerous in the world today because of the immorality and evil that is in the world. We need to believe Gods word again to restore the goodness that can be found in the human heart which is the dwelling place of the Son. The Lord of our lives will not dwell in a heart that rejects salvation for the asking.

It is a strength in human nature, that men are generally happier with the spiritual value prescribed by faith, then with the raw worth of intrinsic value of things obtained.

Truth is aided by an attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be a good man and true is that first lesson taught in masonry.

The Pilgrim's Progress by Paul Bunyan

The Pilgrim’s progress is the most famous religious allegory in the English language. The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory because the characters in the story are personifications of human vices, human failings and human virtues.

Almost every incident in the story has its own moral significance which is not difficult for the readers to interpret or understand.

In other words, a youngster may go through this book and enjoy it as a story of brave warriors, armed knights, giants, demons, dragons, thrilling battles, and narrow escape. But for the mature or elderly readers, the story has a moral or spiritual value.

The dramatic interest of Bunyan’s allegorical novel holds us spell-bound as we go through it. At the same time, vivid portrayal of the various characters appeals strongly to our imagination.